Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan has been thrown into a whirlwind for much of 2020. What comes to mind? Businesses shutting down, work restrictions and unemployment.

On a good note, the pandemic did not shut down Greater Lansing's development, as the year saw the openings of several long awaited, multi million dollar projects including Glanbia's dairy processing plant in St. Johns and a portion of the Block 600 project in downtown Lansing. (LSJ)

According to the Lansing State Journal, Greater Lansing is home to a broad spectrum of projects currently under way including new developments and older buildings as well.

Here are several developments to watch for in Greater Lansing in 2021:

1. Red Cedar project. As of Nov. 20, this project is back on track. This is a $255 million development off of Michigan Avenue. The development has multiple components including student housing, market rate apartments, senior living units and two hotels.

2. Allen Place project. The $11 million Allen Place Project on Kalamazoo Street is expected to be completed by the fall of next year. The three story, 10,000 square foot facility will be the new home to the Allen Neighborhood Center's programs and will include 21 mixed income housing units, a health clinic and the East Lansing Food Co-Op.

3. The Temple Building. This place was among other things, a church, a nightclub and a co-op. More than $10 million is being spent on the formerly vacant building to transform it into a mixed use facility with 31 market rate apartments, 3,000 square feet of office space and a 960 square foot commercial space.

If you would like to take a look at a few more developments to watch for in Greater Lansing in 2021, the Lansing State Journal has more details.

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