This is very good news for MSU's College of Music Building.

According to the Lansing State Journal, "workers completed the $35 million project. This includes renovations to the existing building and construction of the Billman Music Pavilion, last month."

This is so impressive, it nearly doubles the College of Music building's size and includes four large performance spaces, more than 40 new practice rooms and spaces for students and staff to gather.

I definitely want to see this for myself. It sounds just incredible. When the time is right, I will make my way to MSU's College of Music Building and take a tour of all of the new renovations.

Speaking of that, renovations to the existing building were wrapped up last month. The College of Music now has four new large music halls designed for specific uses:

1. Two for orchestras.

2. One for percussion.

3. Another for jazz and chamber music.

4. Dozens of new practice spaces.

"All of the new practice rooms are tailored toward a specific music type and designed to move the sound around the room so a piano player could safely play at full volume without disrupting other musicians." (LSJ)

According to Associate Dean Michael Kroth, the original College of Music building upgrades included renovating a former band room that alumni and students once knew as 120.

"All of the new facilities were conceived with the quality of student experiences as the driving factor." (LSJ)

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