Nearly 300 Pizza Hut locations are going to be closing their doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these restaurants that are closing, however, are dine-in locations that are not well suited for delivery or carryout.

Pizza sales have gone up during the pandemic, according to WILX. In a report from Domino's, they saw a %30 spike in their quarterly profits. An additional 20,000 people we recently hired to help handle the orders.

The franchisee NPC International on Monday filed for bankruptcy and came to an agreement to close a few hundred Pizza Hut locations.

NPC owns 1,225 Pizza Huts and 385 Wendy locations in nearly 27 states.

In their bankruptcy filing, NPC said closing these stores, will allow them to save money and invest in smaller stores than can handle online orders.

Back in May, Pizza Hut's carry out locations reached an eight-year high.

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