In 2018, an exact (almost) replica of the legendary S.S. Titanic will be setting sail and YOU can ride aboard.

Now...will it be safer than the original? According to, "The details that are most important are all there. The fine woodwork, the grand staircase, the historical charm. But this ship has – thankfully – been updated for the twenty-first century. A modern, welded hull, more than enough state-of-the-art lifeboats, high-tech satellite navigation systems and a computer-controlled diesel-electric propulsion system."

It obviously won't be a free ride...but I wonder if they'll take the same route as the original?

The pictures of the new ship show how meticulous the builders were in getting almost every little detail the same as they were in 1912.

To see pics of the old and new Titanic ships, CLICK HERE and read more details as well!

Wonder if Kathy Bates will be aboard?