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In an e-mail sent out this week, Ingham County Animal Control (ICACS) shared that this  had been a busy week for them and their veterinary staff.  They had 2 dogs come in with serious medical needs.

A big, beautiful boy, an American Bully was brought to the folks at ICACS with a gunshot wound through his leg.  The staff got busy and took care of him and now that big boy is under observation, it's kind of a wait and see right now to see if he will heal up cleanly or if he may need orthopedic surgery.  That is not cheap, but they do everything they can to save all animals.

The second pup brought to them this week was a medium sized female, this beautiful girl had been hit by a car and she was found in North Lansing.  X-rays showed that the dog had a pelvic fracture and she also suffered road rash on her forehead from the accident.  This mix breed girl is also being monitored by the staff at ICACS.

The good news from those two animals is that they are expected to make a full recovery.  If you are in a situation where you can help financially, donations are always welcome and all funds would go to the care of those animals with medical needs.

Just wanted to shine a light on just one of our area's organizations helping out  those who don't have a voice.

Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter

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