This is quite the cool travelogue of 1950’s Michigan.

There were many little 'travelogues' that were shown in movie theaters across the country from the 1930's through the 1950's, with many of them focusing on a favorite subject: MICHIGAN. That's right, MICHIGAN...“where the blue water is fresh and clean," according to the narrator. It should make many Michiganders - or 'Michiganians' - proud that our state was a favorite travel destination of residents from the other continental United States.

So click the above video and take a look at this 15-minute film that takes you back & forth, thru our state, all over the place, including:

1) Michigan Avenue heading straight to the Capitol building in the 1950’s and MSU
2) Greenfield Village
3) Mackinac Island
4) Soo Locks
5) Red Barn Theater
6) Car assembly lines
7) Goofy tourists popping their heads out of the stocks & pillories at Fort Michilimackinac.

It’s very cool to enjoy what we have in this area – but also very cool to travel the whole state of Michigan and keep your hard-earned dough spent here!

Courtesy of Warner Brothers