Back in the 1930's, Michiganders actually got out and did stuff in texting, smartphones, Facebook, computers...just snowy fun!

Sure, nowadays there are some who get out and enjoy the snow...but not like they did over eighty years ago. People went out in DROVES to skate, sled, ski and toboggan.

Now most are content to watch others enjoy the snow on TV...pretty sad.

Check out the photo gallery above and maybe it'll give someone an itch to get out and experience a Michigan winter...whether you have to travel north to hit some snow or not.

The photos are taken from a recently discovered video that was produced by the Michigan State Highway Department way back in the 1930’s, shown in theaters across the country as a kind of winter destination option for the rest of the country.

In these pictures, you'll see the beauty of heavy Michigan snowfalls along with lots of Michiganders enjoying winter sports.

Where are/were the Michigan toboggan chutes shown in one of the photos? You’ll see ice skating, skiing, some great old 1930’s vehicles, Michigan snow removal vehicles and more.

If you’re a Michigan history maven, you’ll enjoy this…


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