Here’s another rare one for all you Lansing history buffs…or sports buffs.

When MSU was founded in 1855, it was called, I believe, the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan; the name was changed to Michigan Agricultural College in 1909 and the football team was called the Aggies. (after a couple more name changes, they finally settled on the name ‘Michigan State University’ for good in 1964.)

In this three minute-plus footage, you'll see what the old "Spartan Stadium" was like in 1923 as well as the old cars, the fashions, the WAY-outdated football uniforms, the old marching band, some local dignitaries struttin' out on the field and more.

According to the description of this film, “At the new stadium in Lansing, Michigan the Michigan State, or Michigan Agricultural College (MAC) play rival University of Michigan Wolverines.”

It’s another historical Lansing video treat to enjoy.
It's fun to watch...check it out!


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