Why is it that I've been in the Upper Peninsula over10 times now and have never seen a bear or a wild cougar for that matter.

And no, Oswald's Bear Ranch does not count. I went to Oswald's Bear Ranch once back in the late '80s and really enjoyed it.

I got to feed baby cubs and was able to snap off  several really good pictures at this very popular U.P. Bear Ranch.

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I want to see an actual cougar running around on the loose or a grizzly bear somewhere in the Upper Peninsula. And I don't care if I ever see another deer. I've seen hundreds of deer in the upper and lower Michigan Peninsulas.

Do you have any idea on how many cougars have been spotted in the U.P.? 10 so far in the Upper Peninsula in 2021, and counting.

According to mlive.com:

So far this year, 10 cougar reports have been confirmed in the U.P, including three from Dickinson County, two from Marquette County and one each from Baraga, Delta, Houghton, Luce and Schoolcraft counties.

How cool would it be to actually spot a wild cougar while vacationing in the Upper Peninsula. Don't get me wrong, I would like to see one but not from a close distance. Just enough so that I could take a few pics and send them to my friends.

Seeing a big black bear or a wild cougar in the Upper Peninsula would just make my day. I've even heard of other people getting the opportunity to see a Michigan black bear in the wild and saying it was an amazing experience.

Mlive.com also adds:

Previous genetic research has shown the cougars seen in the Upper Peninsula have dispersed to the region from states west of Michigan. The DNR has no evidence confirmed of a breeding population of mountain lions in the U.P.

My mission is clear, black bear or wild cougar and there's no in between.

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