The City of Kalamazoo is going to be removing a crucial piece of the city's history that'll no longer have us clinching our teeth as we drive over them. The uneven and, at times, seemingly prehistoric brick road that can be seen peeking out from under the concrete will soon be removed for a major construction project.

The project will start in May and is going to take a few years according to the City of Kalamazoo. The brick road that makes up most of Ransom will also get torn up as well but is expected to be used as accents through the city for different features.

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What Are The Plans?

The city has laid out its plans to replace the road and their expected results:

A two-year project to improve utilities and rebuild Ransom Street from Walbridge Street to Westnedge Avenue will start in 2023. Wastewater and water utilities will be upgraded in the entire project area, and stormwater utilities will be replaced as needed. After utility work has been completed, Ransom Street will be entirely rebuilt with an emphasis on placemaking and significant improvements for pedestrians and non-motorized users, new lighting, and better parking. Work is expected to begin in May and last for the rest of the construction season.

As much as I like the bricks, that road is one of the most uneven roads in the city and I can't even tell you how many times I've thought I was gonna lose a tire driving it. I care about history, but I'm not tryna have history take out ya boy's tie rod.

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