How would you feel if you had a $1 million winning Powerball ticket and forgot to claim your prize money within a solid year?

That's exactly what's going on right now. The deadline for someone to turn in the winning ticket numbers has until Thursday, May 5, to do so.

This is just crazy, why wouldn't someone check and double check their numbers to see if they've matched all five white numbers in a Powerball drawing?

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I'm just happy it's not me because I would never forgive myself for that. I mean there is someone out there who could instantly become a millionaire just for turning in the winning ticket. ( I can't believe this)

According to

The winning ticket was sold at the Warren Market, located at 28069 Mound Road in Warren. Winning Powerball tickets are valid for one year after the drawing prize.

You know what I'm thinking? What if this person threw away that winning ticket within this past year? Wouldn't that be awful?

I feel like I want to help out this person, but obviously that's impossible. I wonder if this sort of thing has happened before? YES IT HAS! adds:

The largest unclaimed ticket in state history is a $34 million Michigan Lotto ticket sold in 1998. The winner of that prize never claimed it and the entire $34 million also sent to the state's School Aid Fund.

And by the way, that ticket was purchased at the Lake Lansing Meijer store in East Lansing. Can you believe that? $34 million never claimed!

Well I certainly hope the person with the $1 million dollar winning ticket shows up to claim their winnings by Thursday afternoon.

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