There is a new Zombie show on T.V. and by the ratings it looks Americans love their Zombies.

First we had and still do, The Walking Dead (new episodes of that show begin in October) but a new show, a spin off on The Walking Dead called Fear The Walking Dead burst onto the scene with some amazing ratings numbers.

I had forgotten to record the show, so thank goodness for Xfinity from Comcast, I was able to do a search,

found the show and watched it.  What a great show (thanks Comcast).

Fear the Walking Dead takes place just as the Zombie epidemic is spreading around the world.   So fun to watch.   Episode 2 will be on AMC next Sunday, so if you can't watch it remember to get Xfinity from Comcast and you can record it to your DVR or do a search and find it that way.    Super fun to watch, don't miss out if our a Zombie fan.