Nobody knows more than I do how expensive it is to have animals.  I have 4 cats and one dog (at this point).  It seems like I end up paying more on medical expenses for my pets then I do my kids.   Just walking inside the Vets office means I leave spending at LEAST $100 bucks.

In an effort to keep employees happy around  5 thousand companies are now offing workers Pet Insurance.   One employee, a nurse in Indiana who has a dog, decided to pay the monthly co-pay of 40 dollars, and it sure came in handy.  Her dog fell and ended getting run over by a tractor.  The poor thing, who was 2 years old a the time of the accident, underwent an operation to stabilize his spine and one to remove a damaged kidney.  Can you Imagine?

Thanks to her pet insurance, they ended up paying most of the 14 thousand dollar medical bill.

Pet Insurance as a Perk?  YES!!!!!!

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