His name was George Grabowski, the owner and operator of Lansing Gardens.    George was born in 1923 and lived his whole life on the farm he grew up on.

Never getting married and not having any children, he considered his employees, some of whom worked for him for 30 years.

George would start his working day at sun up and finish his work at sun down, until shortly after his 75th Birthday he was working 100 hours a week.

Talking to his employees, they said George put love into everything he planted, like the seeds and then plants were his children.    His pumpkins in the fall and his Mums were the best you could find.

George will be missed by so many who knew him and those who did not, but bought  flower and vegetable plants from Lansing Gardens.

With George's passing, this will be Lansing Gardens last year.  The business George started and loved will be going up for sale.

I am one who always shopped Lansing Gardens, and I will miss that place so much when they close down.

Thank you George.

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