If there was ever a person who wanted to lose weight and tried just about everything possible.....that would be me.

I have FINALLY found the one that works, Medi Weight-loss.  I started on the program Labor Day weekend.  Since then I have not fallen of the weight loss wagon, this program makes me feel healthy, strong and finally in control of my weight loss..

Medi weight loss is a physician assisted program.  Your progress is monitored and finally I see why that is important.    You bite it, you write it.   It really helps me keep count of my protein intake and I can see when my body needs fuel,not just when I would normally snack.

I can not be more pleased with my progress.   I am already down 25 pounds, and Of that weight  20 pounds of fat!!!  I am now wearing pants that I have not been able to fit into for 20 years.   True story, when I tried these smaller pants on AND THEY FIT., I started crying in the dressing room.  The woman in the next dressing room said " honey are you okay"?  When I told her I was in a pair of slacks that was 2 sizes smaller and I was just so happy.   The stranger, came out and gave me a bitg hug and said .."congratulations, and by the way how did you do it. "  Medi Weight Loss Baby....The one that works.

Call them for a free assessment, 517-955-9197.

If you are having a hard time getting motivated, keep this statistic in mind....40% of US cancers are linked to excess weight.

You only go around once in this lifetime....so feel good about your body, and let Medi Weight Loss help you on your weight loss journey.


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