This actually happened in Texas.  A woman was shopping in the craft store Hobby Lobby, when she saw a display that set her off.

Daniell Rider,  called out the store for selling faux raw cotton stalks, she found this very offensive.  "This decor is WRONG onso many levels", Rider posted along with a photo of the  phony plants.  adding," there is nothing decorative about raw cotton...a commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves....please remove this decor".

Once this story hit the internet folks went crazy with comments and sharing the post, with most calling Rider out for being 'over sensitive'.

One person responded with "this is crazy.  Cotton is a fact of life and people still pick it. "  They go on to say "Slaves also picked tobacco, harvested rice and many other things.  We can't just get rid of them all.  Well Lowe'

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s sells chains and rope, you think we should get rid of those to?"

Some of the Facebook comments did come to the woman’s defensive.

At Hobby Lobby, well the cotton sticks that typically sell for $6.99 to $15.99 online, are now going for $29.99.