Before the Holidays get too crazy take a night out for yourself.  Join me tonight at Van Atta's 'Night at the Greenhouse'.

Ten dollars at the door or 15 dollars per couple will get you wine, cheese, sweets and a chance to shop and have a relaxed evening in a beautiful environment.

Van Atta's has partnered up again with Eve's , a shelter for victims of domestic violence and 100% of the 'door' money will go to Eve's.

No matter what season it is, Van

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Atta's is always a wonderful place to explore, but there is something extra special about the greenhouse this time of year.  Their gift shop and through out the greenhouse you will find some of the most wonderful Holiday items....super fun to go shopping there.

Tonight’s event is from 7 to 9, and again it is ten dollars to get in , with 100 of that money going to Eve's.

Come out and join in on the fun at Van Attas, for 'A Night At The Greenhouse'.