Well, now that Halloween is over and we are in the month of November, retailers and consumers are getting their Holiday shopping season underway.

Forget waiting for Thanksgiving to be over, shopping and shoppers are full steam ahead as they begin their seasonal shopping.  According to retailers, many claim that they see between 40% and 50% of their Holiday business in November.

If you are looking at your pay check schedule and wonder just how much money you are going to have for shopping , you can see why so many have to start early, before the money runs out.

Well, here comes WFMK to the ready.  Each weekday during the month of December, you will have 2 chances each weekday to win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  We have made it as easy as we can for you to win, Danny and I announce each weekday morning at 7:20am when you should be listening that day for your chance at one thousand dollars.

When you hear the Cue To Call,  call our nationwide number ..877-854-wins that's

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For more information and rules, go to our website  99wfmk.com,  there you will also see how you could win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

WFMK making you a winner by putting some cash in your pocket.