Their morning started off as it normally does, thousands going to work, catching a plane or maybe a train and then the world as they knew it changed, forever.

Terrorism.  A cowardly act by a few that cause many great harm.  People that are going about their normal life, trying to earn a living to take care of their families, when an act of cowardice changes the course of those lives forever.

Terrorism.  This morning it was in the beautiful country of Belgium, the capitol city of Brussels.  Around 8am their time 2 bombs went off in the cities airport, an hour or so later a bomb went off in the Subway.

Terrorism, an act of a coward to hurt innocents.   As of 10:30 this morning, the death toll was up to 31.  31 innocent people who died, while living their daily lives.

Terrorism, where next?  There had been chatter that ISIS had plans to do something, but it was not known where.  Early reports today say that multiple " suicide bombers" were probably involved.

The terror in Brussels was a 'clear coordinated attack' and official are concerned there could be a follow up.

ISIS supporters have been cheering the attack, celebrating it on social media.

Terrorism, cowards taking the lives and sense of security from innocents.   Where will be next?