Wanting to go grab a meal from Mc Donalds is no a big deal, in fact it happens to us a lot, but some have gone a bit to far to fulfil those cravings.

An 8 year old boy really wanted a cheese burger from McDonalds, so much so that with his 4 year old sister in the passenger seat he proceeded to drive to the nearest restaurant.

The boy drove a mile and a half before being spotted by a Police officer.  You may be wondering how an 8 year old could drive a car?  Well, he learned how to drive on You Tube.   Seriously.  The McDonalds staff were a bit surprised when he pulled in the drive the drive thru, they thought they were being pranked.   Alarmingly, witnesses said that the young kid was actually doing a pretty good job driving, stopping at red lights and making a few turns.

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Apparently when his parents fell asleep that night he got his sister and made their escape.   Luckily this story  ends well, nobody was hurt and on a sad note the kids did not get their cheese burger.