There's nothing better than going to see a really good movie at your local theater.  Of course, once you get there and purchase your movie tickets, what's the next thing to do?

Purchase popcorn and other goodies from the concession area.  Then it's off to the theater to find the perfect seats to sit in.  Once you settle in, the previews begin to play.

Here's what's new this weekend:

Gone Girl, which stars Ben Affleck who plays Nick Dunne, who on his fifth wedding anniversary reports his wife missing.  He subsequently becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance.

If you want something scary, how about "Annabelle"?  Annabelle is the spin off of the horror film The Conjuring, it focuses on the creepy, possessed doll.

Up next, Nicolas Cage in "Left Behind."  After the Rapture strikes, an airplane pilot with a strained family life, tries to fly his aircraft and his passengers to safety.

Have fun at the movies and let's take a look at the movie trailer for "Gone Girl!"