No matter where you live in the U.S. good for the Big Game is always a big deal.

Different parts of the country have their own traditions as far as food goes, here in Michigan its pulled pork sliders, and Coney Dogs (I prefer Flint Style), and chicken win.  So, basically in Michigan we eat everything...I mean its the big game.

Here is  a look at some of the food preferences across our country.

Indiana, likes pizza....loaded

Louisiana, (no brainer) Jambalaya

Colorado, this came as a surprise to me, they like Chicken and waffels.

Alabama, likes good ol' corn dogs

Connecticut, they prefer a big juicy steak

Massachusetts, they gotta have spicy hot wings

Minnesota , they like to scarf on cheese burgers

Hawaii, fruit and cheese....seriously? well I guess they will probably be watching in their swimsuits.

and  finally Idaho, God love um.....beef and beer.   As simple as that.

GO FALCONS, and eat up!

Getty Images for On Location Experiences