It's being called 'The Weinstein Effect' and it seems to be spreading.  The unwanted sexual advances, the threats and harassments that is going on in Hollywood and in Washington DC, among places, is experiencing a trickle down effect, thank you Harvey Weinstein.

The actions of men with power over the women and men who work for or with them is now interfering with many peoples work Holiday Parties.

Companies are taking a cautious approach to Holiday Parties this year, given the recent climate of sexual harassment and misconduct.  Some Human Resource Executives across the country are feeling a bit uneasy about the annual company Holiday Party because of what's called 'The Weinstein Effect'.

An annual survey by a Chicago Company found that 11 percent of Employers will not hold a Holiday Party, while 80 percent will, but fewer places will serve alcohol at the events.  HR Executives are a bit uncomfortable with the full blown parties and many are going to scale back.  They want to take measures to scale back to make sure they create a safe environment for their employees.

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Getty Images for David Jones