How did I not know that one of my absolute favorite characters from The Walking Dead is from Michigan?    I am talking about the Actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glen on the Zombie show.

Steven has become such a huge fan favorite that when many of us thought he had died in a past episode it was brutal.   I don't think I have ever stood up and screamed at the T.V. (except for football)  I was yelling so loud I am surprised I didn't wake the dead .(Har Har)

Steven lives on the show, thanks to the writers for that,   It has been so fun as a fan to watch his character grow as the series continues.

Stevens family moved from South Korea and eventually put their roots down in the Detroit area, where his parents still live today.

When the series returned on Sunday night,, the episode was so intense.   There was a HUGE fight scene that took the Director 3 days to shoot, but it turned out fantastic and once again (after a close call) the character of Glen lives.

In a recent interview the Actor said that the next few episodes coming up are going to blow our minds.

\  The Walking Dead is one show that just continues to get better as it goes along.  Now we can pride ourselves that a fan favorite character "Glen"  is a Michigan guy.

Jamie McCarthy