Queen Sunanda Kumariratana of Siam ( History fact, that is now Thailand) drowned in 1880 in full view of many of her subjects - because they were forbidden to touch her....so they couldn't rescue her.  ( sometime it does suck to be a Royal)

Twenty one people died in the Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919...(yes it was a thing) this occurred when a massive tank of molasses burst on a warm day, sending a 25ft high wave of sweetness through the city at 35mph.

Eight people died in the London Beer Flood of 1814.  This event happened when a giant vat at a brewery burst, sending over 3,500 barrels of beer pouring out into the nearby streets...(such a waste....beer and the people....just sayin')

and finally we have Engineer Horace Lawson Hunley, he pioneered submarine design in the American Civil War,although most of them sank.  Horace died when his final model, named after himself, sank while he was in command of it...which is not really a good thing for your legacy.

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