Call them what you want, turkeys, money/ time wasters campfests or cruddy are what some have picked as the worst of last year.

10  Surprise, this is a Ron Howard directed film staring Tom Hanks which tanked....

it was INFERNO.

9  WARCRAFT, a terrible video game adapatation

8  Another terrible video game adaptation ASSASSIN'S CREED

7  Okay, this one did great at the box office and is one I still want to see...  SUICIDE SQUAD.

6  I saw this movie and it was really bad......INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE

5  Another movie I want to see, stars Ben Affleck..THE ACCOUNTANT

4  Will Smith play a father grieving his childs death  (not what I would call entertainment at the theatre)  COLLATERAL BEAUTY

3  MOTHERS DAY, a movie that even the trailer made it look bad

2  As one critic put it, another year another bad Adam Sandler move....THE DO OVER

finally # 1  DIRTY GRANDPA staring Robert DeNiro who basically p0laying a dirty old man

So you have been informed ,choose wisely.