What if a young person can look to the skies and find a way to fly?  These are questions explored in Varekai, the Cirque du Soleil show now through Sunday at the Bresin Center in East Lansing.

It truly is amazing with fifty performers creating such acrobatic acts as balancing, aerial hoops and silks, juggling, leaping, dances, clown acts and other feats of physical wonder.  There is an act of acrobatics on crutches, of skating across a lighted surface and balancing on canes.  And as all Cirque shows are known for, there is plenty of flying.

A lot of these performers come from a gymnastics background or a circus school.  They've been training since the age of four or five, although some start later.  Most from a very young age are in general gymnastics schools and start to train more seriously at age 10, 11 or 12, going into something more specific such as tumbling or balancing.