Last weekend I stayed in a home that was reputed to have ghostly occurrences from time to time. I didn't really think much of it...but needless to say, I wasn't expecting what happened. I woke up sometime after midnight and rolled over on my left side. As I lay there in the dark, all of a sudden I felt cold fingers walking on my side - you know, like when you make your fingers "do the walking." It startled me and I looked around to see nothing and no one. This was no muscle spasm, bug crawling, dog pushing his nose against me or a prank...these were FINGERS.....COLD, INVISIBLE FINGERS "WALKING" ON MY SIDE.  Although there have been creepy things that have happened to me during my lifetime, this is the first time anything like THIS has ever happened to actual contact with an entity I couldn't see. Weird, weird, weird.

London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images