If you woke up with power this morning, consider yourself lucky. Thousands and thousands of residents lost power in homes, business and schools after yesterdays strong winds.  Winds so strong that they almost toppled a very old church in downtown Lansing.  Work is still being down to shore up a wall that could collapse.

Power outages like this haven not been seen since our area was hit by an ice storm a few years back.  THANK YOU to all the workers who are trying their best to restore power to everyone.

Heading home from work yesterday, before the high wind warning took effect, I saw a tree down on Sandhill Road and the Light was out at Holt Road and College.  On Eifert a huge tree was pulling out of the ground as neighbors stood by with their camera phones taking video waiting for the old tree to finally fall. (luckily know one was hurt).

Most customers should see power restored by Saturday morning,but some places that were hardest hit will possibly have to wait until Sunday to have their power back.

Driving this morning, traffic lights were still out and those intersections were turned int0 4 way stops.  College Road from Jolly to Sandhill was closed due to power lines down on the road.  Many of the power lines that were down were pulled down by falling trees.  Authorities are saying that Flint and Jackson were some of the worst hit areas.

Crews are working as fast and as hard as they can, so please be patient.

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