In Grand Rapids there is a darling couple that will be celebrating 80 years of marriage.

In this day and age, when I tell people that my husband and I have celebrated our 29th anniversary they are amazed.  I usually get the response, 'wow, people just don't stay married that long anymore'.  Apparently they do.

Donald and Vivian Hart celebrated 80 years of marriage this past weekend, another milestone for them is that they both turn 100 this year.   Donald says he remembers the their wedding song "When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver', by Perry Como.

According to Donald they met in the 30's when Vivian was with some girlfriends and asked Donald for directions, he ended up taking the girls to their destination and out of that meeting, true love bloomed.

Their rule for a happy marriage"make sure the relationship is honest, and try to do right in Gods eyes', he also added that it is good to laugh together.


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