Here is the story about a city council candidate who dressed as a clown, and yes, he did make voters nervous.

In Boston , the 'gentleman' who is running for local office has caused quite a stir on the college campus by dressing up as a clown.

Police told The Boston Herald that Pat Payaso;s presence near a polling location at Roxbury Community College made some people nervous, so much in fact that they called the authorities.  A photo someone had taken showed him in his full clown glory just standing there and watching the voters head into the polling station.

The Roxbury resident and City council candidate was wearing a rainbow wig, a red nose and clown makeup, which is also what he wore in his campaign photos.   His last name means clown in Spanish.

Yeah, so as creepy as this sounds, the clown candidate will be on the ballot in November for an at large council seat.

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