Many of us grew up watching Gilligan's Island on T.V., and now the show is shown all around the world in re-runs, giving them more followers.

No surprise here, adorable little Mary Ann is everyone’s favorite, poor Mrs. Howell is the least favorite.

Surprisingly, the Professor and Mary Ann were added into the opening song after actor Bob Denver a.k.a Gilligan  threatened to refuse use of his name in the credit.  The pair were then quickly added into the ending of the theme song.

The cast was originally drinking out of real coconuts until they realized it looked awful on camera..

No one in the cast got along with actress Tina Louise, who played Ginger.  Apparently she was quite the snob.

The Studio City Lagoon used during the show, was turned into a parking lot in 1995.

The pilot of the show was filmed the same day President Kennedy was assaniated.

(I love this one)   The Coast Guard reported recieving letters from viewers asking them to rescue the cast.

This would be a good trivia question.....Gilligans first name was Willy.

Actor Jerry VanDyke turned down the role of Gilligan to star in the show 'My Mother The Car'.  Not one of the better career moves.

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