Many people have passed on to the great beyond in some very strange way, her is a list of some more, also a painful one.

Edward Harrison was playing golf in Washington State in 1951 when the driver snapped and the shaft lodged in his groin (yikes!)  He staggered about 100 yards before bleeding to death.

Austrian tailor Franz Reicheit thought he'd invented a device that could make men fly.  He tested this by jumping off the Eiffel Tower wearing it.   FYI, it did not work, and yes he did die.

In 1957, the man said to have the longest beard in  the world died after he tripped over his beard running away from a fire.

The Greek Philosopher Chrysippus of Soli is said to have died of laughter after watching a donkey trying to eat his figs.  ( in that case, laughter was not the best medicine )

British Actor Gareth Jones died of a heart attack while preforming a live televised play in which his character was scripted to have a heart attack.  The rest of the cast improvised around his death and finished the play.  Proving "The show must go on".

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