When it's your time for the "Big Exit' , many have gone out in some interesting ways.  Take a look,,,,,,

Lets start with Mary Ward, she was a pioneering Irish Female Scientist who sadly is better known as the first person IN HISTORY to ever be killed in a car accident - while driving with her family in their experimental 'road locomotive steam engine'.  (pretty sure that is not how she would like to be remembered..oh well.)

General John Sedgwick was killed by a sniper in the American Civil War shortly after uttering the words "they couldn't hit an elephant at that distance."   Apparently they could.

Health fanatic Basil Brown managed to kill himself by drinking a gallon of carrot juice a day, in the belief it would make him healthy.  (Apparently it did not)

In 1992, Greg Gingrich died in the Grand Canyon after jokingly pretending to fall to his death, ....he lost his footing and did actually fall to his death.   huh...