This season on NBC's The Voice has really been exciting.   I Love , from team Adam, Laith Al-Saadi , in fact last night after he did a wonderful version of the song All Along The Watchtower.  When he was done, Adam told the audience that Laith was not a pop star, and he was not a country star, but he is such an amazing talent, and they have never had anything like him on the show before, and said that everyone should vote for him.   The fact that Laith is from Michigan also makes me want to vote for him, plus he is insanely talented.

So here is what we have left, Team Adam: Laith Al-Saadi

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston

Team Christina: Alisan Porter, ...who many think is going to win this season.   Alisan could win, she is an amazing talent.\

Next week, NBC's the Voice will wrap up what has really been an amazing season.

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