Hurricane Irma, which is now a Category 5 storm with winds reaching 185 miles an hour is headed towards the Southern parts of the United States.  Fueld  by warm waters and not much land mass to slow it down it seems to be keeping strong and could be on a collision course with Southern Florida by the weekend.

If Irma does hit the  U.S. as a cat 5  storm, it would be the fourth time a hurricane has done so in recorded history.

Right now this storm is the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane ever recorded.

As we as a Nation, continue to send help, money and prayers to the devastated areas of Houston Texas, we now seem to be facing a new disaster headed our way.

As we wait and see what happens with Irma, the house has just approved $7.9 billion dollars for Harvey disaster relief.

To make a donation contact the Red Cross, Salvation Army or a Texas food bank, they will spend your money wisely

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