For those of us who live in Michigan, congratulations: We live in the best state in America.

That is according to Thrillist, which ranked all 50 states based on  basically everything possible.  It is not a scientific study, but it sure sound accurate to me.

Summer is my favourite time to be here in Michigan.    Fun Fact:  did you know that Michigan has more coastline than any other state other than Alaska.

Michigan is also home to the U.P. a place so uniquely beautiful with so many sights to see.   While doing your sightseeing you could enjoy a pasty, which is an original meat sandwich that was born in Michigan during the days of mining,   They are delicious, and the only way I will EVER eat rutabaga.  We are also home to the longest suspension Bridge in America, the Mighty Mackinac  Bridge.

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Be proud you live in Michigan, because it is confirmed, Michigan is America's Number one place to live.


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