This is a story that reminds us all that sports (which we love) is not more important than life itself.

Former U of M Coach Lloyd Carr is dealing with something we would never, ever wish on anyone.   Carr's 5 year old Grandson Chad Carr has entered Hospice with an inoperable brain tumor.

If you are a parent it is hard to even begin to imagine the horror that the Carr family is facing.  #ChadTough was started to help out and bring hope to an awful situation.   The beautiful 5 year old has entered Hospice, because his family is heartbroken watching him suffer on a day to day basis, and he is not getting better.

In a wonderful show of class, the Michigan State Marching Band has been practicing a future  tribute to the young man.  While marching they spell out the message #ChadTough on the field.

A classy show from the Spartans, and our hearts and prayers to the entire Carr family.

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