What are the most popular adult outdoor activities?  According to USA Today, running is the most popular adult outdoor activity with 33.8 million lacing up their running shoes for a good outdoor run.

Believe it or not, fishing is quite the adult outdoor activity with 31 million taking the bait to their favorite fishing location.

What's next?   How about one of my favorite activities, bicycling!  27.4 million enjoy this great outdoor activity.   I really enjoy riding with my wife and kids.  We all participate buy putting together our destination game plan and then we're off biking and having fun.

Rounding out the top five, hiking at 23.8 million and one of my least favorite, camping.  My idea of camping is the nearest hotel with hot water, room service and all the amenities that go with it.

No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, just head outside and have some fun!