The McDonalds  Corporation made an announcement today that their Happy Meals will become more healthy for kids.

Word has it that the cheeseburger will no longer be included in a Happy Meal.  As the food chain listened to customers they will be giving you a Happy Meal option that will come in at around 600 calories, and they will have about 650 milligrams of sodium (which is still a lot, but better than it was.)

Now when you go to order a Happy Meal you will have a choice of the hamburger, six or 4 piece Chicken McNuggets......however they will give you a cheeseburger if it is requested.

McDonalds other changes will be removing chocolate milk and instead listing bottled water as their featured drink.

The companys CEO said that they hope these changes will bring more choices to their customers and are important steps as they build a better McDonalds.

Dr. Howell Wechsler the CEO of a Healthier Generation said that the fast food giants announcement today represents progress to impact kids calories also saturated fat, salt and sugar in their meals.

Look for these changes to take place in June.

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