Growing up I had some of the best Halloween costumes.  My Mom always made the costumes that my brother and sister always wore.   In fact, I can't ever remember wearing a store bought costume.

One of my favourite costumes was a pink rabbit costume, a real rabbit’s tail on the back and ears that had coat hangers in them and they would constantly flop down.  My Mom put so much work and love into those costumes, they were the best.

This year in Mid Michigan, many businesses are giving kids a chance to Trick or Treat in the daylight, like at the Eastwood Towne Center, or earlier you could Trick or Treat on the square in down town Lansing.

I love Halloween, when my daughter and a neighbour made a haunted house, we would get so many trick or treater's, like almost 200.   Well once the Haunted House was no more our trick or treat numbers fell drastically.

I still love to see all the costumes and the look of pride on the little ones faces.

Happy Halloween, and remember I have my spooky stories everyday until Halloween.  Tune in tomorrow for another frightful storyl

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