For those in Michigan who don't like the cold, your in luck.   A weather pattern called 'an Omega block' is going to be forming over the u.s. this week, and what that means for us is a warm and dry weather pattern.

Called the omega block because the upper air flow takes on the shape of the Greek letter omega.

According to MLive, an omega block has three areas of distinct weather.  Cool, wet weather occurs under the upper level storms on each end of the omega block.  Dry and sunny and slowly warming temps occurs under the upper level high pressure centre.   Michigan and the Great Lakes will be under the high pressure part of the block and that means we can expect more sun, less rain and snow, and slow rising temperatures.

Bottom line, with this forming block Michigan will be under the "good" part.

For those who just got back from a warm spring break....YAY!

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