If you like to hit garage sales, you know sometimes you strike gold and other times...hummmmm not so much.

Investigators in North Carolina are scratching their heads this week after a Goldsboro woman reported finding the remains of an elderly woman in a deep freezer that she had purchased a month ago at a neighbor's yard sale.

The victim apparently died of natural causes.

The woman who purchased the freezer said she was going to loan it to her church for an upcoming event.  When they failed to pick up the freezer, she decided to crack open the freezer that had been secured with duct tape.   Imagine her surprise when inside she found  the body of a woman wrapped in a sheet.

Police confirm the freezer was sold by a woman who lived with her elderly mother.  Neighbors told investigators they hadn't seen the older woman since last September.

Police are now searching for the woman who sold the freezer,

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