Star Wars Fans, May the4 Fourth be with you.  If you are a follower of all things Star Wars tomorrow will be a fun day, especially if you burn a sick day.

Celebrations of the Star Wars saga will be going on all over, but if you want to celebrate you can turn to TBS, starting at 6:40 am and right up until 8:15 with the showing of telecast of Star Wars; Return of the Jedi.  They will run in chronological order all the Star Wars movies, to celebrate Star Wars Day. (also limited commercial interruption during the movies)

Star Wars fans adopted the slogan "May the Fourth Be With You" several years back as a way for them (us) to celebrate all things Star Wars.

Walt Disney World and Disney land are also gong to be getting in on the fun.   TBS, says they plan to make this an annual event..