If you just can't wait until I begin my annual Spooky Halloween stories on the WFMK morning show, (they will begin in a couple of weeks), here is a good scare for you.

A 'Haunted' Naval Destroyer, they claim you will get the ship scared out of you.    In Bay City you will travel through the depths of the USS Edison, which is a retired U.S. Naval destroyer.  The decommissioned ship now calls Bay City home.

The ship has been the focus of many paranormal investigations over the years, with many saying the minute you step on-board you feel a difference in the air, it's a whole different vibe.

The 'tour' of the ship takes about 15 minutes but you spend that time evading zombies, and creatures across the five decks of horrors.   So, along with real spirits, you have earthly ones trying to 'scare the ship out of you'.

Grab your friends and head up to Bay City, the scaring has already begun and will continue until November 5th.

As one who just went on the 'haunted' tour said.."if you don't have anybody to hide your face in, your in trouble!".

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