Another reason why it's good to be green, Michigan State's Spartan head has been named the best logo in college football.  MSU had finished a evaluation of their brand, which took 2 years, and they decided to emphasize the classic Spartan head as the schools sole loge for the future.

This logo of the Spartan head is everywhere in Green and White Fan-dom.  You can see it on helmets, on fields, it is the logo that is being recognized as the best in college sports.  In a recent ranking, the Spartan head logo was named the best.

The Spartan helmet silhouette ranks supreme because it's everything you would want in a logo.  According to MLive, its striking but understated, strong but subtle and , yeah, just all around awesome.

So, not only id our Spartan head the best, Sparty himself was ranked the best mascot in the big ten earlier this year.

Another reason why it's good to be gre

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