This Saturday at 2pm, the Michigan State Spartans will be playing spring football.  A really fun day has been planned.  The game begins at 2pm, gates will open at 12:30 and there will be some fun things to do.  You can have your picture taken with the Cotton Bowl and Rose Bowl Trophies from noon until half-time.

Earlier in the day a free youth clinics for ages 8 to 12 will be held  at the Duffy Daugherty football building, no registration is required for that.

Last week at the Ohio State Spring Football game 99 thousand fans showed up, Penn State had 68 thousand at their game, Michigan had 60 thousand.   Now Coach Dantonio wants to see 50 thousand Spartan Fans there supporting our team.  I would love to see even more than that, I say lets pack the Stadium Spartan Fans.

The Big Ten Network will Broadcast the game, so lets show them how much we love our Spartans.


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