Enjoy the big day, don't stress about it.  Thanksgiving has the possibility to send some cooks over the edge when it comes to food preparation for a group on the holiday.

Helpful tips to th4e rescue...

Cook the Turkey overnight.  Yup, SLOW cook the bird in the oven overnight to save time and space.  A plus for doing this, the turkey will marinate for longer giving you more tender juicy meat.

Use aluminium foil as a roasting rack.  If you don't have a regular wire rack, crumple sheets of foil into thick ropes and wrap them in coils in the bottom of your pan.

Bake your stuffing in muffin tins.  Instead of making one big pan of stuffing, bake them in muffin tins to make single servings that maximize crispy service areas.

Tape recipes your using to your cabinets to save counter space, plus if you are a messy cook like me, you won't splatter food all over them.

Easy green bean casserole.  This dish is a classic for a reason, it is so simple to make...3 ingredients  and 25 minutes in the oven.  Easy Peezy.

Use a wine glass to cut the perfect biscuit size.   Seriously.  If you don't have a biscuit cutter, just use any wine glass and you will get your perfect size, plus keep wine in the glass and drink it.  Makes cooking more fun.

grate frozen butter into biscuits or pastry dough with a cheese grater of peeler.  It is a lot easier to use than frozen butter chunks.

Revive turkey with chicken broth.   Did you overcook the bird?  Ned to give it a bit more oomph?  Drizzle it with warm chicken broth to moisten the mean and flavor.

The one draw back to these tips is that your meal will be fantastic and everyone will want to be invited back next year,
( I find drinking lots of wine helps, before, during and after the meal.

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