I always wonder how this happens, some folks in Michigan forget how to drive in wintry weather. This morning we have had snow showers and also the wind is blowing, now the combo of the two usually sparks a thought in your head that roads and overpasses would be slippery.   Apparently, many forgot.

Here is what is happening this morning, both the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-96 are closed until further notice, due to traffic accidents.

Local Police departments are warning of slick conditions on area roads due to the snow moving though our area.  One to three inches is possible today.

Eaton County Dispatch sent out an alert saying they were getting reports that I96 between the I69 interchanges is starting to become very slick and drivers need to exercise caution, and slow down.

The City of Lansing is currently out salting bridges, overpasses and major streets.  Please allow extra time

if you are travelling today and drive cautiously.