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michigan ghost town (and roadtrip): isadore
This little roadtrip takes you thru the Michigan ghost town of Isadore, northwest of Traverse City. CLICK IN for abandoned building photos, location and its tale of murder!
crime at the halfway house
Two 19-year-olds went on an insane murder spree in 1976. Click in for details and photos of locations...
The former copper mining town of Mandan has NO people living there whatsoever. It's hidden within the Michigan woods and you can visit for yourself! Click in for photos, details & location...
abandoned battery factory
Click in for photos & location of these old factory ruins, around since 1928...then visit for yourself!
ed. fitzgerald search audio, 1975
Click in for ship recordings of the Coast Guard searching for the lost 'Edmund Fitzgerald' back in November 1975 and see pics of the sunken ship!